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BLÆK Coffee



BLÆK NØ.1 is a Premium Instant Coffee from Colombia with a balanced taste with notes of caramel and bergamot. The coffee is characterized by a subtle well-balanced acidity, sweet taste, as well as a light body. The light body and balanced profile make it a fantastic coffee to enjoy without milk and sugar.

BLÆK uses 100% premium Arabica beans without any added sugar, flavor enhancers, or preservatives. Due to the careful roasting and innovative drying method, even the subtle coffee notes are extracted and preserved.

BLÆK combines the convenience of instant coffee with the enjoyment of high-quality specialty coffee and watches sustainability and social responsibility throughout the entire value chain.

Brew the coffee with 3 grams per 200 milliliters of water at 70°C. The gentle temperature ensures that all flavors are properly highlighted. One Box contains 7 sachets with 3g of coffee each. Offering 7 delicious cups of coffee (180-220ml).

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