Mix & Match Baskets - Mosaic


Mosaic Baskets. This Basket has a very intricate and solid weave compared to the other baskets from the same collection. 

The Mix & Match collection of baskets, consists of handwoven baskets out of local mulaza palm leaves. Baskets come in various sizes and are dyed with  natural and artificial dyes. Stylish and elegant in earthy tones. 

A perfect storage solution with several possibilities that will add character and a handmade touch to a space. Use as washing baskets, or as toy storage basket or as general storage baskets anywhere in the house.

 colour: Multicolour

 material: natural palm leaves dyed 

 dimensions: Small: 35cm diameter x 38cm tall 

                     Medium: 40cm diameter x 45cm tall 

                         Large: 45cm diameter x 55cm tall