Raw Cinnamon Syrup | Organic



Cinnamon syrup by Bacanha is an elixir of the famous bark from the Ceylon cinnamon tree.

Its sweet and spicy aroma is associated with its remarkable scent. Cinnamon raw syrup is used in your coffees, teas, lattes and also in many cocktails.

It can also be used in your favorite recipes such as teas and infusions.

"Since its creation in 2013, Bacanha has been committed to making quality pleasure drinks with an ecological vision that makes it possible to reduce the impact of single-use bottled drinks.

Our aromas are made in the Grasse region of France but the raw materials can come from different countries. We choose natural extracts, essential oils, fruit juices and aromas, hence this "raw" name that we have created for our syrups. We do not use dyes or preservatives, so syrups have natural shades, little or no color depending on the recipe and fruit.

The syrup is made in our workshop, near Paris, where the bottles are also labeled and packaged by us.

We use amber glass bottles that protect the syrup from light so that it is consumable longer. Glass is a mineral material and can be recycled infinitely."

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