Featuring a delicately engraved loop that will delight you every time you use it. You can attach the loop to your bag, pouch, keys, etc. for convenient use. Due to the nature of the coated metal loop, it is subject to wear and tear from friction, and chemicals may alter the finish of the metal parts if they come into contact with it.


  • Serrated Hook
  • High-Density Tissue Strap
  • Kanatei Black Label
  • Made in South Korea

Materials & Care:

  • Strap: 100% polyester
  • When washing, gently wipe soiled areas with a damp cloth and water

Size (cm):

  • 2,5x17x0,3 cm (LxWxD)

Everything is material in the universe that constantly circulates. This cyclical order is not only about matter but also our intentions and behaviors. KANEITEI makes products from recycled army tents, which create the starting point of circulation. This goes beyond individuals and society. We believe our movement creates a healthy influence in the universe, and someday, it will come back to us. Our mission is sustainable symbiosis with the world surrounding us. 

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