Ultra Green Olive Oil 2023 Edition | 250 ml

MD 1830


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L'Ultra Verte, 2023 edition - A jewel of very intense purity as much for its green color as for its green fruitiness. LIMITED EDITION to 500 litres selected from producer José Galvez of the Oro Bailen estate in Andalusia for this Ultra green oil.

Respect for the environment has been a key agronomic aspect of the Galvez family since the creation of their company 3 generations ago. Although they do not practice organic farming, their agricultural policy is to carry out integrated production. This means: using pruning waste as green manure, maintaining plant cover in the middle of the litter to reduce erosion and facilitate soil permeability, and avoiding the irrational use of herbicides, which allows a micro-habitat for hunting species.

Tasting notes: explosion of this green fruitiness on the nose! Notes of green herbs, apple, basil tomato and peach.

On the palate: very balanced, there are beautiful aromas of green banana peel at the start and end of the palate with notes of arugula and radish. Burning finish.

Gourmet pairing: To be used only as a finishing touch on all dishes.

  • Made in France