The 100BON collection by the Atelier Ellena of Jean-Claude and Céline Ellena, offers a refined perfumery that brings together for the first time two writers of smells. Father and daughter, through a sober and sincere writing and unwavering loyalty to the beautiful French perfumery. They are completely free of their creative choices, and each fragrant story is a reflection of their sensitivity, their headaches or hearts.

Vétiver & Iris convenes the memory of a lost love. A passion for opposites staged by the alliance of the roots of Vétiver and Iris to remain still and always under the spell.

"This perfume evokes in turn in a murmur the melody of happiness and the serenity of nostalgia, the desire for lights and the comfort of the shadows. It is a perfume that tells our sensual and loving lives. Without regrets or ways. With passion and materials. The desire to be..." Jean-Claude Ellena

Made in France

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