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Wildfire/Wasabi is a perennial variety of Wild Rocket, with deep green, serrated foliage that makes an attractive garnish for any dish and mesclun-style salad. An alternative to the usual Rocket, Wild Rocket has a distinctive wasabi taste and its young leaves can be picked in succession. Despite the fact that Wasabi Rocket has never actually met its powerfully punchy namesake, the Wasabi Root, and that it doesn't quite bring tears to your eyes in the same way that the reduced root paste, a popular sushi accompaniment, does, it nevertheless adds a certain taste of the Orient and a dose of horseradish heat to our everyday meals. The leaves impart a real “wow factor” on the tongue. They may look harmless, but a nice surprise for the palate lies hidden within!

Indoor Not required
Outdoor Mar- Sept

Germination 5-10 days
Harvesting 30-40 days

When sowing 1-3 cm; Depth 0,5 cm
When thinning 10-20 cm

Sunligth Full sun to partial shade
Soil Well-drained, moist and sandy soil
Watering Regular watering, not allow to dry out
Feeding Heavy feeder

Expert tip If you let the plants flower, the leaves become bitter; however, the flowers are edible and make an attractive addition to salads. Flowering arugula plants self-sow if the seeds fall directly on the soil.

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